My 1989 coupe I can stop
Need Paint !!!!
  • C5 Brakes from blackzo6 (
  • Durostop - Rotors: P/N 88926731 & 88926732
  • Durostop - Pads: P/N 88909667
  • Electro-Dynamics - BF-004 Brake Adapter Kit
  • Russel - Speed Bleeders
  • Goodride - Stainless Steel brake lines
  • AC Delco - Master Cylinder
  • E.O. Concepts - A-Mold Wheels

Some notes from me:

  • The system was easy to install
  • The pads were alot bigger then the stock units
  • The Saw Blade Wheels will not if unless you get a 1/4" spacer
  • No problems with the stainless steel lines
  • Stay with the ceramic brake pads - Its harder to see the brake dust
  • Master cylinder bolts up
The stock brakes
Brackets View before taking apart
Adapters on the spindle Top view
With rotor Parts
Drive side Rotor Rotor
Top View With the rim on Not much room