Rear End Up My Suspension upgrades. On April 13th, 2002.
  • Heim Adjustable Camber Rods
  • Heim Adjustable Trailing Arms
  • Heim Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Links
  • Heim Adjustable Front Sway Bar Links *
  • Camber Brace *
  • Rear - KYB Gas Ajustable Shocks
  • Front - Bilstien Shocks
  • 1993 ZR1 wheels
  • Sumitomo HTR Z 315/35-17
  • Sumitomo HTR Z 275/40-17

Planned to round out the rest of the suspension with:

  • Roller C/A Bearings (A-Arm)
  • Rear Toe Rod Kit
  • Coil Overs
  • Polygraphite Sway Bar Mounts
  • 32mm Front Sway Bar
  • 26mm Rear Sway Bar

* Sitting in the Garage waiting to be installed

New Parts for one side
Front Link Ends More Part on the board
My Pal Eric helping me Old Vs. New
Camber Rod installed New Part On Drive Side
Camber Rod Rear Sway Bar Links Ends
Passanger Side Installed Parts Driver Side Installed Parts